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Physical Therapy

When health conditions make it hard for you to move around and do everyday tasks, physical therapy can make your life easier.

Your Partner for Physical Therapy

Think of us as your partner for good health through physical therapy. We’re with you on your road to recovery, and we treat you with dignity, respect and compassion all along the way. Our goal is to help you regain as much function as possible—and to do it as quickly and safely as possible.

What To Expect

Our licensed therapists check your flexibility, strength, stamina, coordination and balance. Then, we develop a care plan that meets your personal needs. Physical therapy almost always includes exercises like:

  • Stretching
  • Strengthening muscles in the abdomen, back, neck and shoulders
  • Walking

Your physical therapist may teach you exercises you can do at home. Everything is designed to help you move better and keep fit. Physical therapy can also minimize pain and make daily tasks easier.

Conditions We Treat

At the Outpatient Rehabilitation Center, you’ll find help for a wide range of health issues in adults and children like:

  • Bone and joint (orthopedic) conditions
    • Arthritis
    • Foot and ankle problems
    • Tendon repair recovery
    • Neck and shoulder problems
    • Knee injury
    • Spine injury or lower back problems
    • Joint replacement surgery
  • Sports-related injury
  • Work-related injury
  • Brain and nerve (neurologic) conditions
    • Stroke
    • Parkinson’s disease
    • Gait and balance disorders
    • Head/brain injury
    • Brain tumor
  • Torticollis
  • Developmental delay
  • Vertigo
  • Pelvic floor dysfuntion

Physical Therapy Services & Treatments at PIH Health

You and your PIH Health rehabilitation team can choose from a variety of physical therapy services. Treatments designed to meet your personal goals may include:

  • Hands-on (manual) therapy to gently move muscles, soft tissues and joints
  • Exercises to improve flexibility, strength, coordination or stamina
  • Use of special equipment
    • Treadmills
    • Muscle-strengthening and testing station
    • Recumbent bicycles for endurance training
  • Walking, movement and balance training
  • Exercises to reconnect pathways between nerves and muscles
  • Bracing or taping
  • Heat to help relax and heal muscles and soft tissues
  • Electrical stimulation to help reduce pain or keep muscles toned
  • How to use a wheelchair
  • Safe ways to get in and out of a vehicle

We also offer information and education to your loved ones and caregivers, so they can support you as you continue to recover.

Turn to our online Health Library for more information about physical therapy.

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