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High Risk Pregnancy

Your pregnancy is called high risk if you or your baby has an increased chance of a health problem. Although being called high risk sounds scary, it provides a way for doctors to make sure you get special attention during your pregnancy.

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What Makes a High Risk Pregnancy?

Your doctor may refer you to our Perinatal Center—for high-pregnancy—for many reasons, including:

  • Medical conditions, such as heart disease or diabetes, that require special care during pregnancy
  • Medical conditions that develop or worsen during pregnancy, including gestational diabetes and high blood pressure
  • Conditions that could affect your baby’s health, such as multiple pregnancies, preterm labor or later-in-life pregnancy
  • Abnormal results from an ultrasound or other examination

Special Care for You

The Perinatal Center at PIH Health is fully staffed and equipped to provide pregnant women and babies with special attention and monitoring. Our team includes perinatologists—obstetricians with additional training in the diagnosis and care of complicated pregnancies—also known as maternal-fetal medicine specialists.

If you’re referred to the center, you’ll be seen more often and monitored more closely than women whose pregnancies are not considered high risk. You’ll have access to services like:

  • Specialized prenatal care and testing, including detailed ultrasound, amniocentesis and non-stress tests
  • Help managing high risk conditions
  • Diabetes management, including our Sweet Success program for helping women control diabetes before or during pregnancy
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Genetic counseling

Cesarean Birth (C section)

Women who are high risk have a greater chance of giving birth by cesarean section (C section), where your baby is delivered through an incision in your belly. If you need a C section, it’s good to know that we have special operating rooms right in the labor and delivery area of the hospital. Most moms are able to bond with their babies immediately after a C section.

Special Care for Your Baby

Babies who need special medication, attention or monitoring are cared for in our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), which provides a supportive environment for you and your family 24 hours a day.

Throughout your journey on the road to parenthood, you’ll be surrounded by a caring, compassionate team focused on the same goal—helping you bring a healthy baby into the world.

Find out more about high risk pregnancy in our online Health Library.

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