Circle of Excellence Members - PIH Health

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2019/2020 Circle of Excellence Members


The Atwood Family ++

Bewley, Lassleben & Miller, LLP

Mark A. Kadzielski Esq.

Lambert Radiology Medical Group ++

Dr. Sabeen Dhand

Dr. Rodger Hughes

Dr. Robert Kleinman

Dr. Nanette Kovash

Dr. Shao-Pow Lin

Dr. Yong Park

Dr. Joseph Park

Dr. Amish Patel

Dr. Jadish Patel

Dr. Daniel Saket

Dr. Brian Yue

Kathy and Richard Luciano ++

Matt and Melanie Lyons ++

PIH Health Medical Staff

R.C. Baker Foundation


$10,000 - $24,999


Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Global Institutional Consulting

Credit Union of Southern California

Mrs. Joyce Fitzgerald ++

Mrs. Ruth Hillecke

Intercommunity Emergency Medical Group ++

Dr. Kevin E. Andruss

Dr. Steven Chin

Dr. Adrian Crisan

Dr. Marco A. Diaz

Dr. Parham Farahat

Dr. Hoori Hovanessian

Dr. Edward J. Jarema

Dr. Michael Y. Liu

Dr. Michael L. Martin

Dr. Alisa Sato

Dr. G. Donald Shook

Dr. Michael L. Sporty

Dr. Richard M. Zoraster

Jerome Foundation ++

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel A. Mathis ++

Dr. and Mrs. Yong H. Park ++

Dr. and Mrs. Frank M. Sanchez

Mr. Jack Scheifly ++

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Sprague ++

Mr. and Mrs. James R. West * ++


$5,000 - $9,999

Mr. James M. Andreoli

Mrs. Eileen M. Bigelow

Ms. Bonnie Cairns

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Casford ++

Peggy Chulack * ++

Dr. and Mrs. John M. Dick ++

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Duncan

ePlus Technology, Inc.

Betsy Frost

Mrs. Shirley L. Gray ++

The Gray Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Hamar

Mr. and Mrs. James P. Hicks ++

Mrs. Janis Isenberger

Betty Koo * ++

La Serna Football Program

Mr. and Mrs. William T. Macnider ++

Dr. and Mrs. Roberto Madrid

Mr. and Mrs. Chico Manning *

Mac and Carolyn McFarland

Janet and Patrick Moore ++

Mr. and Mrs. David E. Moreno *

Dr. Aidan P. O'Brien

Dr. and Mrs. Gregory E. Polito ++

Ms. Judy B. Pugach * ++

Dr. Joan D. Dengrove and Dr. Neal Shindel ++

The Smolskis Family *

Mr. Michael Starratt

Mrs. Marjorie Swanson ++

Dr. and Mrs. Eduardo A. Tovar ++

The White Family

White Emerson Mortuary

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Zwers *

$2,500 - $4,999

Mr. and Mrs. Leighton Anderson ++

Rev. Dr. Jeff D. Bassette * and Dr. Shannon Moore

Dr. Kimberly Bickell and Mr. Matthew Bickell ++

Daryl and Sherry Braun ++

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Cazares ++

                Professional Physical Therapy Associates

Colonia Group, Inc.

Chef Ricardo Diaz

Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. Crowell ++

CSI Electrical Contractors, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence A. Dicus ++

East Whittier Middle School Instrumental Music Program ++

Mr. William Seals and Mrs. Amy Fitzgerald *

Friendly Hills Country Club Twilight Golf

presented by Graley Marketing

Friendly Hills Women's Tennis Association

Hair Raising Paint Party

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Helfrey ++

Dr. Jung Ho ++

Dr. and Mrs. Nathan Honda ++

John and Jan Jensen ++

Mrs. Patricia Kasababian ++

Dr. Davis Lee and Dr. Janet Yang ++

Ms. Joan B. Lee ++

Debra * and Roy Legan ++

Dr. and Mrs. David A. Lewis

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Monroe

Dr. and Mrs. Shahriare Nasser-Moaddeli

Mr. and Mrs. Gary N. Nesbit

Mr. Ashu and Dr. Renee Palta

Mr. and Mrs Anup D. Patel * ++

Ms. Dawn Roth *


Dr. and Mrs. B. A. Shaw

Mr. and Mrs. Hatem S. Sinnukrot

Western Litigation

Mr. and Mrs. Greg Williams

Mr. and Mrs. Antair F. Yang ++

$1,000 - $2,499

Anonymous ++

Dr. Stephen Docherty and Mrs. Jeanette Abundis *

Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Akhavan

Ms. Victoria Alexanian *

Don and Michele Alvarado

Dr. David Anderson and Kanani Fong

Mr. Michael C. Apodaca * ++

Dr. Paul Appelbaum

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Applebaum ++

Mr. and Mrs. Henry T. Arakaki ++

Ms. Thea Asamoto-Arita * ++

Athens Services

Robert and Virginia Ball


Barlow Respiratory Hospital

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Barnes *

Reverends Kraig * and Erin Beardemphl

Dr. and Mrs. Brian A. Beck ++

Georgene B. Beckner ++

Mrs. Edward A. Behnke

Mr. Leonard Bobier ++

Mr. Bill Bornhorst and Mrs. Margit H. Polyak ++

Ms. Marsha Braunstein *

Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Bremer *

Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Brinnon *

Natalie Bumanglag and Family *

Dr. and Mrs. K. Leo Buxbaum ++

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne W. Campfield

Mr. John Carlson

Mrs. Cynthia G. Carrillo

Mrs. Norma Casford

Mr. and Mrs. Raul M. Castillo *

Ms. Anita Chou *

Mr. Hearng Choy *

Ms. Sherry L. Cline *

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Coates *

Mr. Christopher W. Cohick ++

Ms. Nicole Cook *

Dwight and Rewa Cooper *

Ms. Lillian J. Cordova * ++

Ms. Paula Cowan ++

Dr. and Mrs. Adrian Crisan

Mrs. Maria L. Davila *

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis De Pietro

Lorraine and Francesco DeGiacomo *

Rev. Philip and Carolyn Demers

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Dickinson

Dave Dieu *

Ms. Terri Dixon *

Dr. and Mrs. Deep R. Dudeja

Ms. Jacqueline T. DuMontier

Mr. Paul DuMontier

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Dunlap

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. Duthoy ++

Mr. and Mrs. George H. Engelage IV ++

Ruben * and Miriam Espejel

Mr. Roland Fargo *

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ferguson

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Fischer ++

Dr. Ronald A. Fischman

Mrs. Sylvia L. Foltz

Robert and Shirley Foster

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis G. Gahuman *

Dr. Sylvia Garcia and Mr. Enrique Villegas

Ms. Kathy Goin

Mr. and Mrs. Brad Gordon

Mr. Michael Graley

Graley Marketing

Dr. Peter Greaney and Mrs. Barb Specter

Michael and Maudi Greene

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Grottke ++

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Gunther

Mr. William Haag *

Mrs. Dot Hamblin

Mr. and Mrs. Tracy R. Harcourt ++

Dr. and Mrs. E. R. Harris

Healthcare Financial Resources (HFRI)

HMRG (a service division of CMRE Financial Services, Inc.)

Mr. John Hole Jr.

Mrs. Ceonne Houston-Raasikh *

Mr. and Mrs. Bradley N. Howard

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Ivie * ++

Mrs. Patricia Janda

Mr. Robert T. Jansen

Mr. Don L. Jenkins ++

Mr. and Mrs. Lamar S. Jervik *

Ms. Stacy E. Johnson * ++

Junior Amateur Golf Scholars

Rev. Stephanie Kang *

Mrs. Jeanne F. Kato

Mr. and Mrs. Harold H. Kelley

Dr. Sandeep Khanna

The Kidney Specialists

Dr. Dorsa Maryska

Dr. Brian Zwecker

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kikuchi ++

Mr. and Mrs. David Klinger

Mr. Tyson and Dr. Nanette Kovash

Dr. James Kuo and Dr. Maureen Li ++

Mr. Scott Larimer

Mr. Robin C. Lee * ++

Leeba Lessin

Mrs. Ella Linder

Mrs. Bridget Lo Bue

Mrs. Rebecca Lopez *

Dr. Rosalio J. Lopez

Allan and Corina Lipstein *

Los Altos High School Renaissance

Debbie Lugibihl *

Mrs. Janice R. Lynch

Majestic Realty Foundation

Ms. Cheryl A. Malm * ++

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Maloof

Mrs. Sally W. Marsh ++

Mrs. Valerie A. Martin *

Mr. Alejandrino C. Mayol Jr. *

Dr. and Mrs. John D. McCarthy ++

Ms. Alicia McCarty *

R.D. and Kathleen McDonnell ++

Rick McGill

Ms. Jennifer McGuire *

Mr. and Mrs. Brent Melton *

Mended Hearts Chapter 351

Jason and Brooke Miller

Dr. and Mrs. Keith S. Miyamoto ++

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Munoz * ++

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Necke * ++

Ms. Tammy Neu *

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff K. Nickell

Mr. and Mrs. Greg Nordbak

Nova Storage

Mr. and Mrs. Danny O'Connell

Ms. Kathleen O'Hara *

On Target

Oracle America, Inc.

Ms. Hope Orozco ++

Dr. and Mrs. Michael O'Shea ++

Ms. Suzette Otlewis *

Dr. Joseph J. Park

Bharti Patel ++

Mr. and Mrs. Hemanshu Patel *

Mr. Daniel Patino *

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Pazzulla ++

Dennis and Felina Pearson

Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Peck * ++

Pediatric Subspecialty Faculty, Inc.

Ernesto and Kathleen Penuelas *

Mr. Meredith H. Perkins

Mr. Semeon Persaud *

PIH Health Physicians Medical Group

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Place *

Mr. Daniel E. Proctor ++

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Profeta * ++

Progressive Motion, LLC.

Ms. Jenny Quigley *

Mr. and Mrs. John Quintanar ++

The Railey Family *

Dr. and Mrs. Norman Rapp ++

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Renek

Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Roberts

Dr. and Mrs. Peter C. Roca

Ms. Katrina M. Rodriguez *

Mr. Brendan Rowe *

Dr. Waldemar Sadowinski

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald and Tuyet Salzman

Mr. Gregory Sanden

Mr. and Mrs. Norman Sauco *

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Schafle

Ms. Karen R. Seulke *

Mrs. Ruth B. Shannon

Mr. Gregory M. Sharp

Ms. Jeanette Shea *

Mr. Vid Shivaraman *

Dr. and Mrs. Alvin C. Shon

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Slaughter * ++

Mr. and Mrs. Lowell W. Smith

Kathleen and Carl Spencer ++

Mr. and Mrs. Mark St. Julien *

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stambaugh

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Stevenson

Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Stupin

Mr. and Mrs. Krikor D. Sulahian

Mrs. Aurora R. Taylor

Dr. and Mrs. Michael D. Thomas ++

Dr. and Mrs. Kennith O. Thompson

Ms. Griselda Torres *

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Tyra ++

Dr. and Mrs. Manuel Urteaga

Urteaga Chiropractic & Sports Medicine

Monique and Gustavo Velasco *

Dr. Lily Wang ++

Dr. Lisa Wang

Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln Watase

Dr. Charlotte Weaver

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Weyant *

Whittier Christian High School

Whittier Hearing Center Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. D.E. "Bill" and Jan Wood

Kenton and Florence Woods ++

Mrs. Winifred Wootton

Dr. Brian W. Yue and Mrs. Andrea Yue

Scott K. Yun, MD and Ann I. Park

Dr. Ignacio Zarate

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Zieman


* Denotes PIH Health Employee

++ 5 Years of Consecutive Support


January 1, 2019 - February 10, 2020

Please note that sponsorships of PIH Health Foundation fundraising events are recognized at the events. Paddle-raise donors are recognized in the PIH Health Foundation – Circle of Excellence, as are payments toward multi-year commitments to PIH Health Foundation.