Equestrian Appreciation with Gratitude | Whittier, CA | PIH Health

Equestrian Appreciation with Gratitude

Former Horse Rancher Donates Business Proceeds to PIH Health Foundation

Photo of Lurene Ross posing in front of a barn

Lurene Ross

“PIH Health has always been one of my favorite places. The people there were always so nice—it’s something that I’ll never forget.”

In 1984, Lurene Ross bought a run-down horse property in Whittier and over time, built it up to become one of the most beloved and iconic horse riding stables and boarding facilities in the Whittier community—L Bar S Ranch.

For 36 years, Lurene happily ran the ranch with her daughter and co-owner, Lori—operating out of the property’s red barn, a historic landmark originally built in 1890. When Lori got married, she and her husband built a home on the property, adding to Lurene’s love of the ranch.

So when Lurene, 81, decided to retire two years ago, relocate and sell the ranch, it was a sad day indeed. But there was a silver lining. The proceeds from the sale enabled her to make significant donations to some of her favorite causes, including PIH Health Foundation.

“PIH Health Whittier Hospital had been my regular hospital for all the decades I lived in Whittier and it provided excellent care through several significant life events,” she said. “It provided care years ago when my young husband had non-Hodgkin lymphoma—I spent a lot of time there during his illness—and more recently, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015. Thanks to the 3D mammography machines, my cancerous spot was found very early, and a successful lumpectomy was performed right away. It’s been seven years, and I’m still cancer-free. I couldn’t be more grateful for the entire team and great people at PIH Health.”

Today, Lurene lives in Bear Valley Springs, a mountain community near Tehachapi, Calif. Her love of horses continues—she has six horses living on her 2-acre lot. And she’s thrilled that her donation will benefit PIH Health and the Whitter community which she will always hold dear.

“PIH Health has always been one of my favorite places,” she said. “The people there were always so nice—it’s something that I’ll never forget.”

For more information on the numerous ways you can support PIH Health Foundation, visit PIHHealth.org/Support or call 562.698.0811 Ext. 81520.