Leave a Legacy

Estate Planning and Review Sessions with Thompson & Associates

A free service offered to friends of PIH Health Foundation

PIH Health Foundation is excited to tell you about our partnership with Thompson & Associates.

Thompson & Associates helps people clarify their objectives relating to assets and inheritances, and they help create personalized plans to achieve those objectives.

We would like to offer you the opportunity to have a professional estate planner visit with you confidentially about your plan - with no obligations and at absolutely no cost to you.

We believe this complimentary service will be a valuable benefit to you. The planning process is completely confidential. We will know nothing about your discussions or plan unless you tell us.

If you would like to have your estate plan reviewed by our Thompson & Associates’ representative, you may contact Nicole Jackson at PIH Health Foundation’s office at 562.698.0811 Ext. 81598 to schedule a confidential appointment with Bob Hoffman.

Learn more about Bob Hoffman.

The Thompson & Associates Process

An Estate Plan at No Cost to You!

For over thirty years, the Thompson & Associates team has helped individuals and families plan to pass their estate assets to their family and to the organizations they support in a manner consistent with their values and objectives. Their unique process combines the knowledge of professionals with vast and varied experience to produce personalized plans.

A Personalized Estate Plan

A representative of Thompson & Associates guides individuals and families through a detailed Estate Planning process. The goal is to create a thoughtful estate plan (or review an existing estate plan) that transfers assets to loved ones in a way that is tailored to fit their individual personalities and needs, while redirecting social capital (typically collected as taxes) that may be used to support the nonprofit community.

Some may simply want unbiased advice on a gifting or planning strategy they are contemplating. Thompson & Associates provides confidential planning advice for people who have specific questions about any aspect of their estate, including gifting opportunities.

Free and Confidential Service to Supporters of PIH Health

You never pay for this service. Thompson & Associates is held on retainer by PIH Health Foundation to offer these services free of charge to our friends and supporters.

We respect the confidential nature of your conversations. All of your personal information shared with Thompson & Associates will be held in the strictest confidence, and will not be shared with anyone without your direction.

The Plan is YOURS!

You are encouraged to share your decisions with the nonprofits you are supporting as a way of encouraging them as they work for the good of the community. Decisions about which nonprofits to support, if any, is entirely up your secretion. Also, you are encouraged to share your decisions with members of your family as a way of teaching philanthropic principles.

Time Allocated for Thoughtful Consideration

The planning process of Thompson & Associates allows you to take the time needed to thoughtfully develop and consider your legacy and estate plan wishes and options. Typically, there are 6 to 9 monthly meetings. But, because each family is unique, the precise schedule may vary depending upon the level of complexity and individual circumstance. What's important is your timing. Thompson & Associates will take whatever time is needed to make sure your questions are answered and the expected outcomes are in accordance with your wishes.


You may be saying "this just sounds too good to be true, why would anyone offer estate planning services at no charge?" We all live in this community. We all contribute to the greater good of the community in our own ways. Just as our supporters enjoy helping us achieve our goals of serving the community, we wanted to share a very valuable gift with you.

Most likely, you have many questions. Hopefully, those questions can be answered here, but if not, please do not hesitate calling our office.

How much does this cost?

Absolutely nothing. Thompson & Associates is held on retainer by PIH Health Foundation to provide you independent and unbiased advice. If you’re planning leads to the drafting and execution of estate planning instruments by your professional advisors (like your attorney), you will be responsible for those fees.

What is Thompson & Associates trying to sell me?

Nothing! You will never pay Thompson & Associates anything - directly or indirectly. Their services are a gift to you. Thompson & Associates does not benefit from their recommendations. You will use your own professional advisors, including your attorney, your insurance agent and your financial planner to implement your plan. Thompson & Associates does not receive a commission or fee of any kind besides the retainer fee PIH Health Foundation pays.

Do I have to make a gift to PIH Health Foundation?

No! PIH Health Foundation offers the planning services of Thompson & Associates without any obligation on your part. We obviously hope that if you choose to leave a portion of your estate to charitable organizations, you will remember PIH Health Foundation, but you are not required to make a gift to benefit from the services. In fact, Thompson & Associates will never ask you for a gift.

Can I give to other organizations besides PIH Health Foundation or other charities?

Absolutely. We know that you probably support several organizations. We hope the planning process with Thompson & Associates will help you formulate a plan to give to all the organizations you care about.

Will PIH Health Foundation or other nonprofits know the things I share with Thompson & Associates?

No. Your meetings and conversations with Thompson & Associates and the results of the planning process are strictly confidential. Thompson & Associates will only share your information with someone at your request.

Will this planning process take away assets from my heirs?

No. The planning process begins with you stating your planning objectives. Thompson & Associates then leads you through a process of showing you ways to accomplish those objectives. You will decide how much to leave your heirs.

Can my attorney be involved in the planning process?

Yes. Thompson & Associates will lead you through a planning process, but your professional advisors are very important in making sure your plan is best for you. While the attorneys typically do not sit through the meetings with you, they will be advised and asked to contribute to the plan (if you consent, of course). Most plans conclude with estate planning documents which will be drafted by your attorney.

How long does the planning process take?

The typical planning process lasts six to nine months. A Thompson & Associates representative, Bob Hoffman, will be at PIH Health Foundation once every month to meet with you and guide you through the process. Much of the planning time is spent exploring your options to help perfect your plan.

What are the final results of the planning process?

What you receive from the planning process depends largely on what you need. You may just need a knowledgeable person to brainstorm some ideas, get confirmation that you are heading in the right direction, or need a complete plan. Whatever your situation, you will walk away from the planning process knowing exactly what you have, what you want to do with your assets after you are gone, and have an executed estate plan (by your own advisors) to accomplish your objectives.

Why would PIH Health Foundation offer these services for free?

We know that our supporters want to help us fulfill our mission. We also know that if our supporters have not named PIH Health Foundation in their estate plan, there is no chance we will benefit from supporters’ estates after they are gone. Maybe not everyone will want to leave PIH Health Foundation in their estate plan; but, some will want to if they simply knew how to do it.

What should I bring to my first meeting with Thompson & Associates?

Nothing! Your first meeting with Thompson & Associates will be an informal get-to-know-you meeting. Our Thompson & Associates representative will give you a detailed explanation of the planning process and then give you the option to proceed or not. You will have several documents to complete and return in preparation for your second visit.

Who else has benefited from this process?

Contact PIH Health Foundation to discuss others who have gone through the planning process and are willing to talk to you about it.

How do I get started?

Click here to let PIH Health Foundation know you would like to schedule a time to visit with the Thompson & Associates representative, Bob Hoffman.


Leaving Gifts for Loved Ones

"My estate was such a mess before you helped me. You helped me understand how to leave gifts for the loved ones that I wanted to help and also give to my charitable interests as well."

- Don, after signing his estate planning documents

Comments After the Process

"Without your help, we would not have updated our Will. We knew we wanted to leave something to charity, but we didn't know how to go about getting it done or what our options were. You helped us do something with our estate that we are proud of and we are still helping our kids like we had in mind as well."

- Steve and Barbara, after completing the planning process

Help During Time of Uncertainty

"Thanks for your professional and personal help during this time of uncertainty and insecurity - and the support of all your staff."

- Juanita, upon completion of the charitable estate planning process

A Burden Lifted

"It is just a great feeling to have this burden lifted. You guys were just what we needed."

- Jesse, after executing a new Will


If you would like more information on how Thompson & Associates can help you tailor your estate plan to achieve your goals please contact PIH Health Foundation at 562.698.0811 Ext. 81598 or Nicole.Jackson@PIHHealth.org.