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Wellness Resources

Your Partner for Health and Wellness

At PIH Health, we are more than just a network of healthcare providers, we are your trusted partner for good health. We offer various programs that focus on prevention and health management with tools and techniques designed to help boost quality of life.

Because your health matters, PIH Health is here to support you every step of the way.

We offer:

  • Free health and wellness programs for the whole family. Topics include childbirth, diabetes prevention, diabetes management, heart health, cancer, to support for those living with chronic diseases. Check our online calendar for a schedule of classes and events, including support groups;
  • A variety of support groups, classes and events and our online health library;

Online health resources, include:

  • Healthy Living Online - Articles are posted twice a week and include tips for eating right, staying fit and medical information from our PIH Health doctors
  • Healthy Living Magazine – Get helpful tips about health and wellness topics, classes and events, as well as updates on activities at PIH Health in our magazine; sign up for your free subscription; browse our archives online
  • Health Library – Explore health conditions, treatments, procedures and more
  • Health and Human Service Resources (Los Angeles County) - Find the resources and services you need, including food, housing, mental health, and more at either of these two sites:

PIH Health also supports many community efforts that align with our mission and identified significant health needs. Find out more about requesting funding through our community support request process.

Health Action Lab: Community Coalitions to Improve Health

It takes a community to create health. PIH Health’s Health Action Lab project endeavors to build coalitions to improve health in our communities. Four new active coalitions resulted. See what they’ve been up to.

Health Action Lab

Caring For Our Communities

PIH Health takes pride in being our communities’ health and wellness partner. We invest in programs and services that promote health and wellness, and increase access to healthcare services. Using our Community Health Needs Assessment as a guide, we’ve developed innovative ways to address the most significant health concerns of the communities we serve.

We are proud to partner with many passionate and committed individuals and organizations to create a lasting impact for generations to come, including partnerships such as:

Our annual Community Benefit Report provides facts and figures about our commitment and leadership in giving back to our communities through charity care, medical research, donations, health education programs and more.

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Find out more about PIH Health’s wellness services and activities that benefit our communities.


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Community Education

Community Education Brochure

Download the current health education brochure:

Fall 2017

Health Library

Health Library

Explore health conditions, treatments and procedures.