6 Tips to Avoid Boredom Eating

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Published on October 17, 2018

6 Tips to Avoid Boredom Eating

woman eating a donut

woman eating donutsDo you eat when you have nothing else to do? Boredom eating affects many individuals. Here are six ways to prevent it.

  1. Plate it – Place your snacks on a plate for portion control. Eating from a chip bag or box of goodies can lead to overconsumption.
  2. Drink up – Drink a glass of water to suppress hunger.
  3. Take a walk – A 10 minute walk can suppress hunger and best of all you’re exercising as well!
  4. Phone a friend – Start a good conversation with a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while.
  5. Organize your home – Take your mind off food and apply it to a more productive task, like organizing.
  6. Schedule meals, including snacks – Having a set schedule for snacks and meals will not only help you track your food intake, but it will stop you from eating at random hours throughout the day.

Boredom eating can easily lead to overeating. Cesar Espiritu MD says, “Consistent overeating can have long-term side effects including weight gain and obesity. The best way to stop boredom eating is to schedule snacks and meals so that you are aware of the amount of food you consume throughout the day.” To schedule an appointment with Dr. Espiritu or any other PIH Health family medicine doctor visit PIHHealth.org/Find-a-Doctor.

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