6 Tips to Improve Your Diet in the New Year

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Published on December 31, 2019

6 Tips to Improve Your Diet in the New Year

Photo of non-healthy and healthy foodsPhoto of non-healthy and healthy foodsWith the start of the new year, we are motivated more than ever to make changes and create healthier habits. However, staying on track can become harder when work piles up and the stress of life takes over. Follow these tips to stay on course and keep sight of your diet and fitness goals:

Add vegetables to your breakfast

It’s important to fill half of your plate or bowl with non-starchy vegetables. This is usually easier to do at lunch and dinner, but don’t forget breakfast! Make it a habit to add vegetables to your breakfast. This could mean including avocados with your eggs or making a sweet potato salad with kale. 

Practice mindful eating

Do you eat mindfully by eating your meals slowly and really focusing on what it is you are consuming? Studies show that mindful eating helps with portion control, weight management and even digestion. Start by using a smaller plate, chew for a longer time, and avoid multitasking while eating.

Start meal prepping

Weekly meal planning helps you eat better, save money and allows you more time to relax during the week. Pick a day during the weekend to cook all your meals for the week and divide up the food in containers to keep you well prepared for the week ahead. 

Eat two pieces of fruit a day

The vast majority of Americans are not eating enough fruits. Make it a point to have two pieces of fruit per day. Fruits like oranges, pears, apples, grapes and berries are the perfect afternoon snack so make this a habit as part of your daily routine.

Eat out less and limit alcohol consumption

With our fast-paced lives and busy work weeks, eating out has become a common daily occurrence. Unfortunately, it can also pack on the pounds since you have little control on portion size and the amount of ingredients restaurants include in their meals. Start preparing foods at home and focus on making lighter foods like soups and roasted vegetables. Also remember to limit the amount of alcohol consumed. Experts believe women are able to have one drink a day and men can have up to two a day.

Avoid stocking too many sweets in your kitchen pantry

At the end of a busy work day, we are tempted to reach for a quick sugary bite. Not so fast! Is it really worth it when you’re trying to stay healthy? Instead of depriving yourself from all sweets, limit your intake by refraining from stocking up on sweet items. Research shows that when sweets are within arm’s reach, we are more likely to consume them than if we need to go out to the market to buy them.

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