Colonoscopy Patient Praises PIH Health for Truly Personalized Service

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Published on May 29, 2019

Colonoscopy Patient Praises PIH Health for Truly Personalized Service

Photo of Bing ChenWith a family history of anal cancer, 69-year-old Bing Chen started having colonoscopies about 10 years ago, when his former doctor informed him of his increased risk. Bing was advised to have the screening every five years. Bing’s most recent colonoscopy was done at PIH Health Whittier Hospital—and he says his experience was nothing short of exceptional.

According to Bing, a retired software engineer, the actual procedure was nothing new, but the entire experience—from the convenient parking to the compassionate care he received from all of his PIH Health doctors and nurses—really left a positive impression.

“The procedure itself went well, and there were no issues, so my doctor (Ashwin Ashok MD, PIH Health Gastroenterologist) said I don’t need to come back for another 10 years.” he said.

Yet what really impressed Bing was the care he received after the colonoscopy was over.

“I was incredibly moved by the level of personalized assistance all the nurses provided,” he said. “After the procedure, a nurse kindly helped me get dressed, then helped me into a wheelchair. And even though my wife was there, escorted me all the way downstairs to the hospital lobby, and even walked me across the parking lot to our car and helped me get in safely and comfortably. I’ve never seen a hospital do anything like this. The service was absolutely excellent. I am happy to support a hospital like this.”

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