Fall, Family and Fun

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Published on October 02, 2020

Fall, Family and Fun

Photo of a toddler peeking out from behind a tree in the autumnWe’ve jumped right into the fall season and what better way to celebrate than to revel in fun activities with the family. “Spend time with your family and enjoy these COVID-19 friendly activities,” says Erin C. Capitena MD, PIH Health Family Medicine physician. “We can still be safe and appreciate everything the fall season has to offer.”

Here are six fun ideas to do with your family:

  1. Carve a pumpkin. Halloween is approaching and although we can’t trick-or-treat like normal, we can still carve pumpkins! Hold a pumpkin carving contest with your family and see who can create the spookiest one.
  2. Paint a picture. The leaves are falling and changing colors which makes it a perfect time to paint a picture. Sit outside and let the magnificence of the fall season spark your creativity.
  3. Try everything pumpkin. Pumpkin treats are great to make during the month of October. If you want to spice up your autumn, read our blog and learn about three pumpkin recipes that you can add to your family’s menu. 
  4. Make a costume. One of the best parts about October is getting to dress up in a costume. Get the family involved and make “do it yourself” costumes. Once these are completed, the possibilities are endless—have a dance party in your house or march around the neighborhood to showcase your outfits.
  5. Go for a nature walk. Autumn weather is great for nature walks and exploring. If you have children or pets, take them for daily strolls to get out of the house. It’s not only a great bonding experience, but you will also get your body moving for better health.
  6. Play in the leaves. No matter your age, playing in the leaves can take away the stress of the day. Let your children help you rake up the leaves into big piles and after, you can jump into them together.

Taking time to enjoy fall activities all throughout October can help everyone feel the cheer of Halloween this year. Whether you decide to try one of these activities or come up with others on your own, remember the most important part is to have fun and be safe!

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