Five Ways to Manage Your Stress and Time

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Published on September 25, 2018

Five Ways to Manage Your Stress and Time

Photo of woman stressed out over time pressure

Photo of woman stressed out over time pressureWhether it’s workplace assignments or household projects, managing your time to complete certain tasks can be stressful. However, stress caused by time can be managed and prevented with the right tools and a little re-prioritizing.

Follow these five steps to get started in reducing time-related stressors in your life.

  1. Track and log your time. Whether you choose to write out your plans, try a software program or an application to keep track of your time to track your time. In this day and age, there are countless applications available for managing time. Find one that you like best and use it on a regular basis.
  2. Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize. Start each day by sorting out and prioritizing your tasks for the day. If you are a visual person, write them down. Discover your own way to best sort out your tasks for the day and make sure you don’t miss the important ones.
  3. Set goals and stick to them. Set a specific goal to complete a task or tasks that you’ve been meaning to accomplish. Tell yourself you will get this done before the end of the week and do small parts of the task throughout each day. Dividing up a large task into smaller parts makes it much easier to complete!
  4. Find out what is wasting your time. There are many things that can be wasting your time. Is it scrolling through the web, checking social media, video games or anything else? Put these time-wasters aside and save them for your free time. These things could be taking hours away from your day.
  5. Talk with someone. Talk to a loved one about your time-related stresses. Ask them to help you prioritize and set your goals. Sometimes all you need is someone to help you get on track and celebrate your successes.

After successfully learning to manage your time, you’ll find that your time-related stresses will start to lessen. Time management is key to a productive and satisfying life.

For more tips on relieving stress visit: Contact your doctor if you feel severely overwhelmed or stressed, as there are ways to control all stressors. To find a PIH Health physician near you, visit

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