Four Tips To Help You Sleep Better

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Published on November 15, 2018

Four Tips To Help You Sleep Better

Photo of woman sleeping comfortably in her bed

Photo of woman sleeping comfortably in her bedGetting enough sleep is important for your health and can help you be more productive. Here are four tips to help you reach the National Sleep Foundation’s recommended range of seven to nine hours of sleep:

  1. Improve your environment. Make sure the area you sleep in is dark and at a comfortable temperature; most will like it centered around 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Having a quiet space will help as well, however if that is not easily possible, opt for white noise like the sound of a fan or use ear plugs.
  2. Focus on relaxation. If you struggle to fall asleep, try deep breathing and visualization techniques to help you relax.
  3. Watch what you eat and drink. Try not to drink lots of fluids before bed to help you stay asleep. For more information on what foods to have before bed, visit our blog Six Bedtime Snacks That Help You Sleep Better.
  4. Start a bedtime routine. A peaceful routine can help you relax and get yourself ready to sleep. Light stretching, listening to soft music, reading a book or meditating are all easy activities that can help you unwind, but should not be done in bed.

If you consistently struggle getting a good night’s sleep, contact your doctor. PIH Health doctors offer take home sleep tests to help diagnose your situation. For more information, call PIH Health Pulmonary Medicine at 562.789.5470.

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