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Published on August 21, 2019

Helping Women Feel Their Best

Image of breast prothesisImage of breast prothesisAfter a mastectomy, many breast cancer survivors seek ways to look and feel their best. For many women, choosing a custom breast prosthesis that appears natural and life-like, while also being waterproof, is the best option for achieving that goal.

PIH Health’s Mariposa Boutique, located at the Patricia L. Scheifly Breast Health Center in Whittier, has new technology that’s making the process of creating custom prostheses faster and easier. The advanced scanner is called ContourMed, and the Mariposa Boutique is the only shop within a 50 miles radius to offer this unique scanning service.

The scanner, which is no larger than a tablet computer, takes three images of the breast (left side, right side and front view) and a full scan of the chest wall to ensure the custom prosthesis will fit properly against the woman’s skin. The entire process is done in less than 10 minutes.

A few days after the appointment, the patient can try on a pre-prosthesis to ensure comfort and proper fit. Once approved, the final prosthesis is ready within two weeks. Women can choose from various styles, colors, shapes, weights and textures to help restore symmetry and natural appearance.

Scans are done by our PIH Health certified mastectomy fitter, Brittney Sandoval, who has been specially trained on the procedure. “I enjoy being a part of a patient’s final visit and fitting them with their customized prosthesis,” said Brittney. “Their happiness brings a lot of positivity to their journey. We can even check patients’ insurance plans to see if the cost is covered, and if not, we offer discounts and payment options.”

Best of all, our patients can enjoy a customized prosthesis process that’s quick and easy. The prostheses can be worn while swimming and exercising so that everyday life things can continue on. “The process just takes a few minutes, and the finished product is so comfortable—a lot more natural feeling than the bra inserts,” said Mary Hobel, a patient who has a prosthesis. “The scanner is really amazing technology. I’ve had an amazing experience with my prosthesis."

To learn more about prosthetic services and other products and services for cancer patients and survivors, call 562.907.0667 or visit

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