Is it Safe to Take My Kids to the Pediatrician?

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Published on July 01, 2020

Is it Safe to Take My Kids to the Pediatrician?

Photo of a masked child and pediatricianIn the new reality of dealing with COVID-19, parents may be concerned about keeping existing well-visits for their children. But it’s important to remember that wellness visits and immunizations are vital to a child’s health.

Like a child’s first steps or first lost tooth, well-visits and immunizations are critical childhood milestones. Often, the recommended well-visits schedule (1-month, 2-month, 4-month, and so on) is designed to:

  • Allow for ongoing assessments of infants and toddlers during critical developmental stages
  • Ensure that your child is meeting appropriate growth milestones
  • Administer appropriate vaccines before your child comes into contact with a potentially life-threatening infection

Should You Keep Your Scheduled Appointments? Absolutely! Missing your scheduled well-visits may limit a doctor’s ability to catch developmental, social and emotional conditions early enough when there’s still an opportunity for intervention and correction. Additionally, you may hinder the important process of protecting your child from serious illness through vaccination.

“Despite the current concerns of COVID-19, it is important for our youngest patients to continue to go to their scheduled well-visits,” says Hany Nashed MD, a pediatrician at PIH Health Whittwood medical office building. “COVID-19 is not the only infection risk for children. In fact, infections like whooping cough or the measles are potentially even more life threatening for children.”

In addition to medical recommendations to continue your wellness visits, each U.S. state has specific immunization requirements children must meet to participate in public education. Many vaccines need to be spaced at certain intervals and missing an appointment may put your child behind the schedule you need for future enrollment.

It’s important to take every precaution to protect you and your family during these uncertain times. Be assured that PIH Health has implemented new procedures to prevent the spread of the virus and are doing everything we can to keep you safe, such as scheduling wellness visits for healthy children in the mornings, and seeing sick patients in the afternoons only. We are also screening each patient upon arrival and requiring all who enter our facilities to wear a mask. We want to ensure that you and your child stay safe and healthy.

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