Need a Doctor? Get Same Day Appointments with PIH Health

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Published on July 02, 2018

Need a Doctor? Get Same Day Appointments with PIH Health

Photo of doctor interacting with a patient

Photo of doctor interacting with a patientWhen you get sick, you want to be seen by a doctor as soon as possible—preferably the same day. But what if your family medicine doctor isn’t available? Where can you turn?

At PIH Health, we’ve got you covered. We offer same day appointments, so if your regular PCP is not available on the day you need care, you can go to any other PIH Health family medicine doctor (or nurse practitioner or physician assistant) who has an opening, even at other locations.

“This is a very convenient option for patients who need same-day care,” said Elisabeth Brown MD, family medicine at Bloomfield medical office building in Santa Fe Springs. “All patients need to do is call their doctor’s office and if their regular PCP is booked, and options for another medical provider (doctor or advanced practice professional) who has openings that day will be provided.”

Our primary care doctors follow all aspects of your healthcare by tracking all of your visits, including specialty, after-hours or hospitalization, taking an active role in your health and making informed healthcare decisions. Our electronic health record system called eMD, provides easy access for our physicians to current and historical health records for all patients.

To schedule an appointment, call your doctor’s office. For more information about PIH Health family medicine, office locations and same-day appointments, visit

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