Outdoor Fun for the Summer

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Published on July 15, 2021

Outdoor Fun for the Summer

Photo of a family taking a walk in the woodsSummer is here and most of us are ready to get out and explore the outdoors. With the warm sun upon us, we can take advantage of the activities that are perfect for this time of year—just make sure to wear sunscreen when outdoors.

Here are five activities for the summer:

  1. Visit a national park. There are 62 national parks scattered across the United States, all with different weather and sights. National parks provide a learning experience for individuals of all ages as these places are linked to ancient people and the early history of Earth itself.
  2. Stargaze. Stargazing is the term used to stare at the stars. Places with few city lights such as mountains or deserts, are the best places to see our stars shine and twinkle. If you haven’t experienced this, take a trip to one of these places and take a look for yourself. You’ll be amazed to see the sky that shines on you every night.
  3. Water activities. When the sun is hot, water sports are an easy way to cool down. Whether you go swimming in a pool, lake or ocean, take a ride a boat or kayak or simply lounge in a body a water—there are lots of ways to cool off this summer!
  4. Build something. Remember those grand ideas you had to start on a do-it-yourself project? Take time to make those ideas come to life. Building things by hand fosters a sense of accomplishment and enhances mental health.
  5. Campfire. A campfire and S’mores are a great way to end a summer night. Gather around, tell stories and share laughs with your companions.

There are many reasons to love the outdoors, and many times these experiences end up being some of the best memories we have. Not to mention getting outdoors is also cost effective and can improve mental and physical health.

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