PHWH Nurses Coordinate Celebratory Send-off for COVID-19 Patient Who Beat the Odds

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Published on January 08, 2021

PHWH Nurses Coordinate Celebratory Send-off for COVID-19 Patient Who Beat the Odds

Photo of Adrian and family exiting the hospital with celebratory balloons and signsIt was a celebratory evening for Adrian Moctezumamontijo, 52, a patient at PIH Health Whittier Hospital, who battled COVID-19 for four weeks and recovered. Family members met him with open arms at the entrance of the hospital, while nurses and staff prepared a special send-off.

“A heart felt thank you for each and every one of you,” said Moctezumamontijo. “No matter what you guys did; from cleaning my room to bringing me a meal to keeping me going and keeping me alive. Thank you guys for everything.”

Sara Reis, RN, assistant clinical director, says Moctezumamontijo lifted up everyone’s spirits. “He told us that he was fighting to get better not just for himself and family, but wanted to get better for the nursing staff and the hospital. He said he wanted to be our miracle.”

Moctezumamontijo was receiving oxygen through a BiPAP – a non-invasive device that helps with breathing via face mask, nasal mask or helmet. Typically, if patients’ oxygen levels decline while on the BiPAP, they will need to be intubated or placed on a ventilator. Reis stated, “He had a week where he would come close to being intubated but then he would fight and pull through. Every day he would improve a little bit.” Ries explained that it seems as though less and less patients are even making it off the BiPAP. And that’s what Moctezumamontijo accomplished.  “That’s what made him our miracle guy.”

With tears in his eyes, Moctezumamontijo had warm words to the PIH Health nursing staff. “I had to fight but I also needed you guys. My wife told me I was surrounded by angels. She’s right but they were all disguised as nurses and doctors and the rest of you guys here. Thank you all for what you do. I owe you guys so much. As much as I’ve been there for you, you guys have been there for me. And I can’t thank you enough. Because I get to go home with my wife and my kids and enjoy the rest of my life.”

Moctezumamontijo also wants the public to know, “I got sick trying to make a living for my family, not being careless and I will do whatever it takes to help people understand that.”

He resides in Pico Rivera with his wife and two sons.

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