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Published on September 18, 2018

Primary Care for Better Health

Photo of doctor and patient

Photo of doctor and patientSeeing your primary care doctor regularly has significant benefits such as better overall health, a longer life, fewer visits to the emergency room and fewer hospitalizations. PIH Health offers every type of primary care doctor to fit you and your family’s needs and preferences, including internal medicine doctors who specialize in treating adults, family medicine physicians who can care for people of all ages and pediatricians who specialize in caring for children.

Primary care doctors manage your healthcare and provide routine medical services such as preventative care and checkups, and they treat many other common illnesses. At PIH Health, some of the most prevalent adult conditions seen by primary care doctors are high blood pressure, upper respiratory infections, diabetes, bronchitis, urinary tract infections and high cholesterol. And, if you need more specialized care for an illness or injury – for example, a heart condition, digestive issue or bone or joint problems – your primary doctor can refer you to a trusted specialist. PIH Health has a full spectrum of physicians with expertise in treating diseases from the most common to the rare.

Some of the most common conditions seen by PIH Health pediatricians are upper respiratory, ear, throat and viral infections.

“At PIH Health, we practice our vision of “Patients First” everyday by striving to keep our patients healthy. Our primary care doctors will provide regular preventative examinations and immunizations, manage chronic conditions, and encourage you to get routine tests and screenings to keep you healthy,” says Roberto Madrid MD, vice president of medical group operations at PIH Health Physicians.

See your primary care doctor regularly for better health for you and your family, today and tomorrow. If you need a primary care physician, visit or call our Patient Services at 562.789.5982 during regular business hours.

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