Workout Indoors When it’s Too Hot to Go Outside

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Published on August 31, 2018

Workout Indoors When it’s Too Hot to Go Outside

Photo of woman working out

Photo of woman working outThe seasons will soon shift, but until then, hot weather can keep you from wanting to go outside, and we don’t blame you. Just don’t let that be a reason to avoid your weight-loss and healthy lifestyle goals.

We’ve gathered five calorie-busting exercises that can be done indoors to keep you on your fitness track. 

Spin Class

Indoor cycling classes are everywhere, from local gyms to stand-alone spin facilities. The loud music and instructor cheering you on through interval-based rides will get you motivated for an intense workout that will help strengthen your butt, thighs and calves, and even help strengthen your abs. No helmet required.

Resistance Training

Using your body weight, you can do lunges and squats. Try doing three sets of 10 for each exercise and increase as you get stronger. If possible, hold dumbbells or a water bottle in each hand, to add weight to your workout, which will also help increase your heart-rate to burn more calories over time. Using your body weight is one of the easiest ways to get toned and can be done in your home.

Go Swimming

Check out your local gym or community center’s indoor pool and take a few laps. This low-impact exercise can help strengthen your lungs and allows you to workout longer without excess muscle strain. As a plus, consistent swimming tones the entire body and is a great cardiovascular exercise.

Keep Your Gloves Up

Grab some boxing gloves and start striking a punching bag. The constant and repetitive movement focuses on cardio and conditioning to help you keep your stamina up. Over time you will develop toned muscles throughout your body. Not to mention it’s a good stress reliever.

Mind and Body Connection

Try out yoga. Whether you follow along in a classroom setting, visit a local park yoga group or even follow an instructor online, yoga is believed to reduce stress, anxiety and fatigue, and can help improve muscle strength and flexibility. Through a variety of asana (poses), it’s a great way to release stress and improve overall wellness.

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