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Published on November 17, 2016

5 Secrets to Stay Fit During the Holidays

Woman doing yoga

Woman doing yogaHere are 5 secrets to help you stay on track even when your schedule gets busy

It’s no surprise that as the demands of the holiday season heat up, it gets harder to fit in workouts on a regular basis. But staying physically active is as important at this time of the year as any other.

The key to fitting in fitness when you’re busy is to come up with a few tricks to keep yourself moving despite a hectic schedule. Here are 5 ways to stay fit even as your to-do list lengthens:

  1. Make a plan. The more organized you are, the more likely you are to fit in the things that are important to you. Make fitness a priority and schedule it on your calendar like any other activity. Planning and organizing the many things competing for your time will also help reduce stress, which is good for your health.
  2. Exercise early in the day. It’s easy to make excuses by the end of the day when you’re busy, so switch to morning workouts if you can. If you exercise before the day gets too hectic, it can set you up for a more positive and productive day overall. You’ll even be more likely to eat healthier.
  3. Avoid sitting too much. Sure, there are plenty of parties, meals and family gatherings that make it easy to sit around eating and chatting. Instead, stand as much as possible, go for a walk with the family or suggest a friendly game of touch football after dinner. During the day, get up and move for at least 5 minutes per hour to keep your body active.
  4. Skip the “all-or-nothing” mindset. When things get busy, you may want to throw in the towel because you can’t stick to your regular routine. Even if you can’t fit in your usual workout, find ways to add small bouts of activity throughout the day – you’ll be surprised by how much they add up. Remember that doing something is always better than doing nothing.
  5. Find a buddy. One of the best ways to stay committed to a fitness routine is to do it with a partner. Knowing someone else is counting on you makes it less likely that you’ll skip your workout.

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