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  • New Mom Exercises 12/21/2015

    You just had a baby and now want to get your body back into shape. Here are some tips to get back in shape while playing with your baby.

  • Armband Trackers: Why Use Them? 12/10/2015

    You don’t need to take on a physically demanding workout in order to increase activity and burn calories. Learn more about armband trackers to track your steps.

  • Getting a Better Night’s Sleep 12/3/2015

    There’s nothing better than waking up from a good night’s sleep. Here are some tips to help you sleep better.

  • 5 Easy Ways to Cut Calories at Your Next Holiday Party 11/30/2015

    Do you have holiday parties on your calendar for this upcoming season? Follow these 5 easy tips to stick to your healthy diet.

  • Reducing Holiday Shopping Stress 11/23/2015

    It's that time again. The holidays have sneaked up on us and the “To Do” list is getting longer every day. Use these tips to reduce shopping stress.

  • Lung Cancer Screening Can Save Your Life 11/19/2015

    Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States. Getting screened can help catch cancer early when it can be treated most effectively.

  • Preventing Childhood Obesity 11/16/2015

    Most of the rules that apply to weight management for adults also apply to children, but read about what to be careful of.

  • Living with Diabetes 11/13/2015

    Read how a PIH Health patient who was newly diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes learned to manage the disease with just a few changes.

  • Creamed Cauliflower 11/9/2015

    This easy creamed cauliflower recipe will quickly become one of your favorite recipes. It’s so creamy, light and fluffy, you’ll skip the mashed potatoes.

  • Chocolate Milk For Sports Recovery 11/2/2015

    After a workout, you may crave a refreshing drink. There is a new drink to add to the list of beverages that help your body recover from exercise: chocolate milk!

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