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Published on October 16, 2017

A Hundred and One Year Old Story

Vicki Marshall

Vicki MarshallMaybe it’s the diet of fresh fruits, vegetables, steak and salmon. It could be the fact that she never eats French fries or drinks cola. Or maybe it’s the two hours of water aerobics she does every morning at the East Whittier YMCA. Whatever the reasons, Elvia “Vicki” Marshall’s life is a long story, 101 years to be exact, with lots of chapters.

Chapter one began when Elvia, or Vicki as she prefers to be called, was born in Manhattan on April 27, 1916. Always a bright girl, she attended Hunter College High School for intellectually gifted students on East 94th Street and later went to the University of Wisconsin where she earned a bachelor's degree. She spoke six languages--English, Hungarian, Spanish, German, French and Latin--and was the first female auditor on Wall Street during World War II.

Another chapter began in 1956 when she moved to Whittier with her husband so he could pursue a career as a photographer for the movie industry. “I never had cornbread or avocados until I moved to California,” she said. While in Whittier, Vicki went back to school and received a Master of Education degree from Whittier College. That led to a teaching career for over 20 years with the Valley Lindo School District in El Monte.

While she credits all of the reasons above for her long life, Vicki also lists PIH Health as a contributor to her longevity. “I make sure I get regular check-ups with my doctors,” said Vicki who doesn’t suffer from any chronic conditions nor does she take any maintenance medications.

In addition to visits with her primary care physician, Michael Roach MD, a contracted IPA with PIH Health, she also comes to PIH Health to see ophthalmologist Lisa Yang MD to check her glaucoma and dermatologist Lubomira Scherschun MD for skin care. They help her stay healthy, active and able to walk without assistance.

Vicki has been a resident of Whittier for more than 50 years now and still lives in the same house she and her husband bought when they moved to California. She raised a son and daughter in that house and now shares it with her daughter Geri. “I love living in Whittier because the people are so friendly and helpful,” Vicki said.

Vicki now spends much of her time reading health magazines and spending time with her great grandson, Nicolas, who is eight years old. It looks like her story has a lot more chapters left.

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