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Published on May 19, 2016

A New Trend in Fitness

Wii wand

With kids spending more time than ever in front of some type of screen, are exergames becoming the new trend in fitness? Exergaming, or technology-driven physical activities, such as video game play that requires participants to be physically active, continues to gain in popularity. Some popular exergames require sensor pads, such as Dance Dance Revolution, and others use motion sensor video cameras, such as Sony EyeToy and Microsoft Kinect. Wii is another popular exergame console.

Exergames continue to grow in popularity as our younger generations become less physically active and experience increased obesity rates. And the popularity of exergames is expected to increase with every technological advancement. Today’s exergames offer muscle-strengthening workouts, balance and stretching workouts; aerobic exercises such as dancing and marital arts; and simulated recreational activities such as golf and baseball.

Research indicates that exergames can be beneficial to health by getting both children and adults moving, but that they usually offer moderate workouts at best. This is great news if you are a couch potato, but don’t count on exergames to get you into tip top shape. “Set aside time in your week to participate in actual sports or recreational activities, which are more healthful,” says Ingrid Patsch MD, family medicine physician at PIH Health.

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