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Published on March 17, 2016

Breakfast - The Most Important Meal of the Day

Breakfast - granola, fruit and yogurt

Breakfast - granola, fruit and yogurtIt's too easy to skip breakfast—getting ready for school, work or other daily activities can take up most of the morning—plus, we often think that skipping breakfast may help us lose weight. However, many studies show just the opposite. It can actually make weight control harder.

“People who skip breakfast tend to eat more food than what is healthy at their next meal, or they munch on high-calorie snacks,” says Danielle Halewijn, registered dietitian at PIH Health. “Eating breakfast kick-starts your metabolism which burns calories. And, it helps prevent binge eating later in the day.”

Breakfast is especially important for kids. They need a regular healthy intake of fuel to help their developing brains and bodies. Without it, they get tired more quickly, become restless and irritable, and find it more difficult to do well in school.

Breakfast Ideas

A healthy breakfast can be as easy and quick as cereal with low-fat milk, warm oatmeal, or a tasty smoothie. Choose whole grains, fiber and protein options that are low in added sugar. People trying to lose weight should include protein at breakfast to stay full and help avoid snacking later.


  • whole-grain cereals, breads, waffles and muffins
  • fruits, vegetables, beans and nuts (including nut butters)
  • low-fat or nonfat dairy products such as Greek yogurt, lean meats, eggs


  • keep your kitchen stocked with healthy options
  • prepare items the night before
  • get everyone up 10 minutes earlier
  • involve kids in the plan and preparation
  • prepare grab-and-go options like individual baggies of fresh fruit, whole-grain and low-sugar cereal, trail mix, and yogurt or smoothies

More Options

Whether you prefer sweet or savory options, forty years of studies show that breakfast is important for everyone. It refuels the blood’s glucose levels after 12 hours without a meal — glucose is the brain’s main energy source. Plus, you feel energized and are in a much better position physically and mentally to tackle the day.

For more breakfast tips, ideas and recipes as well as other meal and snack suggestions, visit or check out our wellness pages.

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