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Published on January 04, 2016

Try a New Dance Fitness Class this Year

Dance Class

Dance ClassDancing burns calories, lowers blood pressure, increases endurance and adds fun to your workout.

From belly dancing to cardio barre, gyms are adding more dance classes to keep pace with this popular fitness craze. Dance-inspired classes make exercising so much fun it won’t feel like you are exercising at all.

Here are some of the more popular classes you may find at your local fitness center:

Cardio Barre: This is a low-impact, higher-intensity, ballet-inspired workout. Combining light weights and bar work, tone and strengthen your glutes, arms, legs and core.

Zumba: A mix of Latin and international music that incorporates body-sculpting movements and easy-to-follow dance steps.

Belly dancing: Cardio belly dance adds upbeat music and a modern twist to basic moves from the ancient Middle Eastern art form.

Hip-hop or funk: This high-energy dance workout teaches the latest moves from the clubs and music videos. Instructors break the moves down so they are easy to learn and follow.

Nia: Typically practiced barefoot, Nia is a fusion of cardiovascular aerobic exercise, dance and whole-body conditioning set to motivating music.

Line dancing: Line dancing is performed by a number of people standing in line and facing the same direction. Everyone dances the same steps in sequences, which are repeated several times to selected music that may include swing, country, hip-hop, top 40, Latin and more.

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