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Published on October 16, 2014

Five Ways Music Can Improve Your Health

Music Therapy

All over the world, people of many different cultures incorporate music into their daily lives. You may listen to music on your way to work, while you exercise, during a religious ceremony or during a night out of dancing with your friends, all the while, unknowingly reaping the benefits of music therapy.

What society may not realize is that listening to music can improve health for some folks. Here’s how:

Boosted Mood

According to Science News,music has profound emotional effects on the brain. The part of the brain associated with emotion is stimulated with beats and harmony. Boosting mood through music depends on the genre of music you listen to, what your idea of good music is as well as the tempo. That said, music does have the power to make you happy.

Enhanced Cognitive Performance

Music improves congnitive performance

Research has shown that music enhances thinking, reasoning and remembering. Music can ease the emotional impact of stress and anxiety when involved with difficult mental processing, such as studying for a test, completing homework assignments, or while reading and writing.

If you’re looking to get through a tough deadline at work, adding some music to the background may help you perform better than average. Test it out and see if it works for you, for some it could be an added distraction.

Increases Stamina During Exercise

Music energizes your exercise

Loud and fast music can give you that increased push you need to start, stick with and complete your workout. Whether you exercise early in the morning or after work, the demands of daily life may make you want to skip your workout.

Don’t do it.

Instead, push yourself to go for that hike, run on the track or head to the gym. Once you throw on your earphones and play your favorite up-tempo disco, classic rock or rap jams, you will get pumped up. Studies have shown that when people match the tempo of music to their exercise movements, their endurance goes up. And, everyone knows that regularly exercising has a variety of health benefits in itself.

Reduction in Stress

Excess stress can contribute to the development of many illnesses such as high blood pressure, ulcers, skin disorders, headaches and other life-threatening diseases.

Listening to relaxing music can have an impact on your mental health and well-being. So try putting some music on next time you are trying to manage your stress

Helps Heal Depression

Feeling blue? You’re not alone. Major depression disorder (MDD) affects tens of millions of people each year in the United States. Research has proven that taking an integrated approach, including adding music therapy, to combating depression is helpful – especially for those who have a love and connection with music. So, if you are feeling depressed and feel like music can be good for your mind and soul, talk to your doctor about the possibility of starting music therapy sessions.

Hopefully, these five benefits of music strike a chord with you and help you improve your overall health. Looking to talk to someone about concerns you may have including how music can help? Find a PIH Health physician.

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