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Published on July 23, 2015

Hydrate for Health

Man drinking water to hydrate

There's a good reason people say, "Water is life.” Your body needs water to survive. Literally every cell, organ and system in your body needs water to function properly. In fact, water makes up more than half of your body weight (approximately 60% for men and 55% for women).

Where Does the Water Go?

The troubling truth is that your body is constantly losing water - when you sweat, go to the bathroom, even when you breathe. So you must replenish your body’s supply of water every day. Your body could probably survive more than three weeks without food, but only about three days without water, depending on activity, temperature and climate. So, if you don’t replace the water your body is constantly losing, you’ll become dehydrated.
Symptoms of dehydration include:
• Extreme thirst
• Dry mouth
• Headache
• Confusion
• Dizziness
• Little or no urine

Obviously, don’t wait until you notice symptoms of dehydration before you start replenishing your body’s water. You should proactively prevent dehydration by drinking plenty of water.

How Much Water Do You Need?

You’ve probably heard a few different recommendations for daily water intake, but most health experts advise that you drink between six and eight cups of water every day.

According to Robert Boonyaputthikul DO, a family practice physician in PIH Health’s Whittwood medical office building, “Different people need different amounts of water to stay hydrated. Your body has a remarkable way of letting you know it needs more water - thirst! Pay close attention to your thirst, and your body should be in good shape.”

Dr. Boonyaputthikul (and he’s okay if you want to call him Dr. Boon) also adds, “Another great way to assess your hydration level is to check your urine. If your urine is consistently colorless or light yellow, you’re probably getting enough to drink. If it has a dark color, you need more water. For some, six glasses of water may be enough, and others may need more than eight.”

You don’t have to be an athlete or live in Arizona to be concerned about hydration. Anyone can get dehydrated if they’re not careful. So remember, the saying is there for a reason. Water really is life.

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