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Published on April 20, 2017

Keeping a Close Eye on Visual Health

Dr. Dudeja

PIH Health Family Medicine Offers New Retinal Scanner

At PIH Health Family Medicine’s Lambert Medical Office, doctors keep a close watch on patients’ eye health. Thanks to a state-of-the-art, retinal scanner, ophthalmologists can remotely read fundus photography (retinal photography) to screen for diabetic retinal disease.

This special scanner, not much larger than a computer, photographs blood vessels on the retina (the innermost coating or film on the back part of the eye). These images can screen for abnormalities of various eye conditions and diseases, including diabetes, age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and glaucoma.

For patients with diabetes mellitus, for example, regular fundus screenings—once every year—are important to monitor for diabetic retinopathy, since visual loss due to diabetes can be prevented by retinal laser treatment if spotted early.

“We are pleased to offer diabetic retinal screening at our Lambert Family Medicine Office,” said Deep Dudeja MD, section chair for ophthalmology at PIH Health. “Diabetic eye disease remains one of the leading causes of blindness among adults. This new technology enables us to assess any damage caused by diabetes, and the photos can be done conveniently after a visit to your primary care physician, saving patients an extra visit to the eye doctor.”

Retinal photographs are taken at the Lambert Family Medicine office, and read remotely by the highly trained PIH Health eye care physicians. The Family Medicine provider will determine if the retinal scan is necessary during your appointment and you will have the opportunity to have the test performed right away, without ever having to leave the office or schedule another appointment. Not every patient can qualify for the retinal screenings, but those who do will be able to get early diabetic screenings done conveniently at their primary care doctor’s office. Patients are then notified of the results and any abnormalities can be followed up with a full eye exam at a PIH Health Eye Care Center. For more information, visit

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