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Published on September 14, 2015

6 Tips to Maintain Weight Loss

maintaining weight loss

How many times have you lost weight in your lifetime? Many of us have lost weight only to find it slowly creep back until we are at our old weight or even heavier. Here are some tips to maintaining weight loss for life from Ingrid Patsch MD, co-director of the PIH Health Family Medicine Residency Program:

  1. Find your motivation. Whether you want to stay healthy to watch your grandkids grow up or have enough energy to enjoy activities with your friends, you need a good reason to keep the weight off.
  2. Team up. Support from family, friends or a group will help you stay accountable. Maybe form a group at work and have regular weigh-in sessions.
  3. Exercise. Losing weight is related to food but keeping it off requires exercise. Get moving every day. Find something you enjoy such as walking, basketball, swimming or formal exercise classes and keep moving!
  4. Eat breakfast. If you start the day with a nutrient-packed meal, you will be more likely to eat healthy foods the rest of the day. Empty calories from pastry or sugary cereal will not set you up for a good day.
  5. Eat mindfully. If you are watching TV or working at your desk, you can eat an entire meal or snack and not even realize that you ate the whole thing.
  6. Plan your meals and snacks. Meal and snack preparation is important for keeping weight off. You are more likely to eat fruits and vegetables if they are cut up and ready to go. Eat healthy snacks between meals so you don’t overeat at mealtime. You will also be less likely to grab fast food or convenience foods after a long day if you know exactly what you are making for dinner.

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