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Published on March 08, 2016

Rainy Day Activities For Everyone

Little girl with umbrella in the rain

Little girl with umbrella in the rainGetting rained out doesn’t mean that the day can’t be filled with fun things to do. Here are a few activities to enjoy with your kids, or other adults.

1. Scavenger hunt: make a list of fun and unusual things around the house. Mix up the same items on each list as you hand them out to minimize bumping into each other as everyone hunts for their items.

2. Inside-out sports: play outdoor sports inside. Use foam balls or sponges for a game of basketball. The hoop can be a can on the floor or a plastic container on the wall. Play hot potato or keep away…that’ll get your heart pumping.

3. “And the Oscar goes to…”: put on a talent show or play. Come up with a theme and let everyone join in with plot ideas or talent suggestions. Or, try a game of charades.

4. Get your fit on: plop in a fitness DVD and get that body moving. Challenge your kids to a video game “dance off”. Or click on any of the myriad fitness videos available online.

5. Where’s Fido: spend some time playing with your dog. Rainy days are a great opportunity to catch up on some quality time with your pets.

6. Get crafty: paint, scrapbook, create decorative wall hangings (or, “fridge hangings”) using just about anything you have around the house, from ribbons and glitter to dry macaroni and wrapping paper.

7. The classics: board games never go out of style. Or, how about a game of twister?

8. Move that body: stay active indoors away from home as well – check out an indoor pool, ice rink, rock climbing facility, bowling alley, laser tag arcade, martial arts dojo.

Don’t let a rainy day be an excuse to sit around.  Instead, be active. It’ll warm up the body, you’ll feel like you accomplished something, it’s good for you, and if you involve the kids, it can be a great family moment.


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