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Published on November 23, 2015

Holiday Shopping Stress - cart full of presents

Reducing Holiday Shopping Stress

Holiday Shopping Stress - cart full of presentsIt's that time again. The holidays have sneaked up on us and the “To Do” list is getting longer every day. Work parties, family gatherings, decorating, cooking and of course, gift-giving take over our lives for a couple months.

Get Organized and Get Creative

Here are a few tips to help reduce the stress of holiday shopping:

  1. Do your shopping early – start in November or the first week of December
  2. Plan ahead – set aside a specific date to do your shopping
  3. Set a budget – establish a limit for each person’s gift
  4. Make a list – wandering around the store waiting for inspiration may only lead to a waste of time
  5. Shop online – you can find virtually anything online, and many retailers will even gift wrap your items
  6. Draw names – if budget is a concern, agree to a gift exchange so that you and your family only have to give a gift to one person
  7. Get personal – give handmade coupons good for a massage, lunch, babysitting, the possibilities are endless
  8. Plan for next year – set aside a bit of money every month if possible, when gift buying comes around again, you’ll have a nice little nest egg

Don’t Forget To Gift Yourself

Include yourself on the “gift list”. Don’t abandon your healthy habits and take a breather whenever necessary – just 15 minutes alone may be enough to help you refresh and reenergize. Stress management is important as stress can lead to health issues like heart disease, skin conditions, digestive disorders, insomnia and more. Use relaxation techniques like yoga and deep breathing, stay active, avoid stress triggers and get enough sleep.

Finally, accept that things will happen that are out of your control. But, striving to keep a positive attitude will do wonders for keeping stress at bay.

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